The Tropixs Latest Trending News Entertainment has released a new list of the top ten “Most Dangerous Places For Women Travelers” ranking Jamaica at number three.

While “popular resorts are fairly safe, traveling beyond those borders will mean dealing with unwanted attention,” says Julia Pond, editorial director.

According to the report, crime and violence is a serious problem throughout the island, especially in Kingston and Montego Bay. Travelers are also warned to be careful at the resorts they’re saying at as “the U.S. Embassy received more than a dozen reports of sexual assaults against American visitors to Jamaica in a 12-month period. Most of these took place at all-inclusive resorts; most were allegedly perpetrated by resort staff.”

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Lesbians travelling to the country were also given a special warning and advice on how to stay safe during their stay, “The culture can be homophobic; if you’re traveling with your girlfriend, be very discreet,” suggested.

The list comes after the U.S State Department issued a warning about travel to Mexico in the wake of a women dying at an all-inclusive resort.

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  1. Egypt
  2. Morocco
  3. Jamaica
  4. India
  5. Peru
  6. Bahamas
  7. Colombia
  8. Ecuador
  9. Turkey
  10. Guatemala