Jahvillani is currently at odds with fellow Dancehall entertainers Squash, Chronic Law and the entire 6ix camp.

The former 6ix member took the Reggae Sumfest stage on Saturday morning and told the audience inside the Catherine Hall Sport Complex in Montego Bay that the recent controversy started due to jealousy.

While tensions were high since Jahvillani left the 6ix camp earlier this year, he said their recent stint started after British-based, international shoe manufacturer Clarks Originals endorsed his new track “Clarks Pon Foot.”

The Wile Side Government deejay also performed his new Chronic Law diss track “Easy Duppy.”

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers pulled the plug on Reggae Sumfest Night One, formerly known as Dancehall Night at around 8:27 am. The move axed the highly anticipated closing acts, Chronic Law and Squash 6ix Boss.

Watch below.