International recording artiste Jahmiel linked popular YouTube Teach Dem for a candid interview.

Among the topic, the Great Man discussed his recording process in the studio, favourite place to perform, surviving the pandemic, his almost calling it quits on music, plus many more.

Jahmiel said his patience was tested in the many hungry years before his big break in the music industry, which almost made him throw in the towel. “Mi did feel one ah di time dem mi ah give up. Mi see mi family ah struggle an a seh Jah know star. Di music ting, ah it mi wah use an tek mi family outta certain situation an it come een like it nah go work. But at di end of di day bredda, Jah timing and our timing ah two different time,” he said.

“Right as mi feel like mi waah give up bredda, mi hit, no joke. Mi memba one time mi ah cry to di almighty an a seh Fada God, when you ah go mek dis happen? Weh mi ah do wrong? Mi ah follow di commandments dem, me nah do nuttn wrong. Mi neva give up stil,l mi jus continue ah do wah me a do an it end up pay off,” Jahmiel continued.

Watch full interview below.