Dancehall/Reggae artiste Jahmiel comes through with a brand new single titled “Love Lost.”

“Love fun and love lost, Jus deh yah a tink about di pass, Honestly should a spend more time but time run out yeah, try apologies cause I’m not ok, just listen weh me a say, yeah,” The great man says in the intro.

Jahmiel’s “Love Lost” is produced by Sponge Music Llc/ Sponge Music Limited and featured on the new “World Press Riddim.”

“Listen, Me sorry fi brake yuh heart a try find me self / (try find me self yeah) / Sorry fi always a complain and neva see di problems dem inna me self, yeah / Sorry fi tell yuh seh me love yuh but me still cheat/ You have a good heart and nuff would a kill fi it / Me neva eva wah yuh feel like yuh nuh good enough/ Yuh do enough a thousand times,” he sings in the first verse.

Listen Below.