Jah Cure has voted for Etana to win the 2019 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

“In the history of our music no woman has ever won a Grammy Award… it’s full time to support the Reggae Queens in the Grammy Awards! My full support and strength went to @etanastrongone! Don’t let your vote go to waste! @recordingacademy#Grammys #Etana,” The Cure wrote on Wednesday under a screenshot of his vote.

Etana is the first female Reggae artiste to sit on top of the Billboard chart twice and acquire a Grammy nomination for her album. This is the first time a woman is nominated in the 21st century in the reggae genre; fatefully the album was released on international women’s day.

Best Reggae Album Nominees Announced For 2019 Grammy Awards

This honor comes after more than two decades for a Jamaican female to be nominated for a Grammy award in the category, Best Reggae Album. Etana, this era’s queen of reggae, joins veteran acts, Judy Mowatt (1986), Rita Marley (1992) and Sister Carol (1997) to have their albums recognized on the most prestigious stage in music.

2018 has been a spectacular year for the reggae songbird. Her Grammy nominated album, Reggae Forever debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. This made Etana the first female to have two consecutive #1 albums on the Reggae album chart. She was already the third female to make it to the top of this chart with her album I Rise (2014) following the lead of Patra (1994) and Diana King (1997). Reggae Forever was also a success on the iTunes charts, peaking second to only one, the legendary Bob Marley.

Etana is credited as executive producer on Reggae Forever, under her independent label, FreeMind Music and distributed by Tad’s Records. After ten years since her debut, The Strong One, this is Etana’s fifth studio album.