Dancehall singer Jada Kingdom gives us an idea of where she came from, in her new music video for her song ‘WiN’.

Kingdom rolled out the Twinkle Media, Mathsofmind Production and Pop Style Music visuals on July 26. The cut was shot in Jada Kingdom’s home town, Shooters Hill, Bulls Bay, St Thomas, Jamaica.

WiN’s opening scene shows a house made of board, followed by Jada taking a bath in an outdoor bathroom as she displays her humble beginnings.

The family bonds of the community were strong as Jada Kingdom is seen interacting with her mother and then several other persons of the community.

The video corresponds with her lyrics, showing that her circumstances gave her an unshakable spirit to to be extraordinary. Jada Kingdom ‘WiN’ is currently trending on YouTube at No.3 with 400,000 views.

Watch Jada Kingdom ‘WiN’ official music video below.