Jada Kingdom via Instagram

Jada Kingdom says she is underrated but has plans to change that in the future.

The “Heavy” deejay recently took to Instagram Live claiming she is overlooked despite her hard work within Dancehall. “some things weh come out the other day and mi still no get no knowings,” she complained.

The deejay’s comments were seemingly aimed at recent publications which did include her in recent awards. This was made more evident after a fan suggested she should have received more recognition, to which she declared, “Honestly, yeah, a so it go.”

However, the deejay says she will be changing this stigma very soon as she works on her team.

“Guys remember it’s just me, independent artiste, no label, no team – just me and Verse,” she said. “Mi really a try, but as mi seh, I won’t be underrated for much longer cause mi step it up last year, still nuh get no credit, still nuh get nuh knowings…so mek we see 2021 how mi step it up again now, wah a go happen. The next year, step it up again, so everything soon good. It’s a difference when yuh have a solid team around you…”

Despite not getting the recognition she deserves, Jada says she is proud of her progress she’s made on her own.

“Fi don’t have a team and don’t have a label I feel like I’m doing fine so when people seh mi underrated mi nuh feel no way bout it because it’s not like mi have a label and mi have a team and proper marketing… A just me a do my little thing pon the ‘Gram so I know when that come into play then everything a go tek off the right and proper way so a dat we a focus pon right now.”