Dancehall singer Jada Kingdom showed off her new tattoo which she got of her boyfriend’s name, Verse.

Twinkle shared the post via her Instagram story with the caption, “I’m from the ghetto, where we get yah name tattooed when we love tf outta you! Lol.”

Kingdom made the reveal as beau, Verse Simmonds celebrated his 40th birthday. The “Heavy” singer also uploaded several photos of the two via her Instagram feed with a heartfelt caption.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tu Mi Big [email protected] Man! I adore you with everything. You’re my happy place, my peace, my spine, my inspiration, my motivation & my mentor. Thank you for YOU! I feel so blessed to be celebrating another birthday with you!!! Due tu ow me she nave nuh weh aguh! hehe! We’re locked in for life! Happy Birthday My Hubba Bubba. Twinkle love yuh bad bad wulleep! Mi Don yu be.” she wrote.

In the second photo, Jada Kingdom is seated in Verse’s lap, “Due tu ow love ah keep ova yasuh! woooiiieee! Happy Birthday Hubba.” she captioned the photo.

Verse responded the the first photo, “look how u bout to make all ur male followers block u and me now! love u babes! U make me happy and I’m glad I can do the same for u!” and then posted under the second photo, “thank u for the endless laughs and love u give me babes! My Queen!”