Shenseea Jada Kingdom

Seems like Jada Kingdom is the real number one trending gyal.

The Dancehall singer’s new Shenseea diss track ‘Shen-Heng’ is the number one trending song in Jamaica on YouTube.

Kingdom’s gritty track aimed at the Romeich Entertainment singer racked up over 360,000 views since its released on Monday, November 4.

The lethal freestyle sees the Banana star ripping her longtime rival. “The gal ah sell har mouth from QQ ah sing Betta Mus Come / And all now mi cyaa see weh the b***h ah run dung,” Jada spits.

“Anybody can f**k and dem nuh affi have nuh funds / She friendly and dump she will do it for the fun,” she continued. “Likkle Miss Chin affi get the Beng, Ding Dong could a send bout a dozen Yeng Yeng.”

How did Shenseea and Jada Kingdom reignited their beef?

Shenseea who went by the name ‘Shen-Saw’ over the weekend, was performing at the Red Bull Culture Clash Jamaica in Kingston when she dissed Jada and the Strike Force team.

“Unu cyaa tell dutty Jada Condom (Kingdom) fi stop call up mi name?,” Shenseea asked the audience before freestyling over the Banana Riddim.

ShenYeng then dropped some gritty bars taking shots at her longtime rival whom she suggested should leave the Dancehall industry and become an actress.