Jada Kingdom via Instagram

Jada Kingdom has exposed a would-be scammer that recently tried to convince her she won millions.

The “Tek It” deejay recently took to Instagram to expose a scammer who tried to convince her she won $15 million. She posted a screenshot of the hilarious exchange with the person claiming to be a ‘Miss Gold.’

“Hi, my name is Miss Gold and I want to tell you that you are a win of 15 million and you have to send a fee to claim your pize 5000 to get your prize,” the message read.

However, instead of ignoring the nefarious message, Jada decided to play along. “OMG really!?,” she responded, acting surprised.

“Yes, but you have to pay a fee of 5000 to claim your prize. Can you send the money through Western Union,” the scammer instructed her.

Fans praised the “Heavy” star for how calmly she handled the situation while joking about the scammer’s audacity. “Dah choppa yah brave,” one fan joked while another added, “It’s the typos for me 😂”

The post attracted the attention of several other celebs, who jokingly weighed in on the situation.

“Tell her giver her Mada it 😂,” Spice joked, while comedian Majah Hype commented, “Tell dem take the 5000 out of the 15mil and send di change 😂😂😂 dem lucky.”