Ishawna is sick and tired of Dancehall/Reggae critics taking at at her music career.

The former Downsound Records artiste is currently promoting the music video for her new raunchy single “Pot of Gold” produced by High Don Entertainment. However some critics are bashing Ishawna for her constant supply for sexual explicit lyrics, saying she needs a new topic.

Addressing the naysayers, Ishy uploaded a video telling them about their mothers – “When they say all I sing about is my vagina!,” she wrote under the clip. “Thank God Koffee is here to save y’all!!! Just leave me alone mek mi be myself in peace for crying out loud!!!?Anyway…Pot Of Gold Video out now sis!.”

It seems Ishawna’s statement was misunderstood as many Dancehall/Reggae fans thought she was disrespecting the “Toast” hit maker. “Ishawna doah mek wi have nothing don’t mention Koffee name out of your dirty mouth,” one fan wrote.

“Why they mix Koffee name in all this nastiness?.”

“Kofee a make more money than you and she a tour the world you a tour down sound and joe money,” another added.

Luckily the “Equal Rights” singer’s loyal supporters were present to defend her. “I’m convinced that you ppl can’t read with understanding. How the hell she diss Koffee in what she said???? Unu dunce bad.”

“I now see why so many young people in Jamaica jobless??‍♂️ no likkle understanding or comprehension skills. If unu a the future then gimmie a first class ticket to mars.”

“We love koffee. We love Ishawna. Let women be great.,” the comments continued.

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