I-Octane via Instagram

I-Octane has released the visuals for his latest track “Next,” and its sure to stir up some controversy.

The Dancehall superstar has sent tongues wagging with his latest track, which calls out men who prefer to spend money on his friends and not his woman.

The 13-minute long video sees the deejay being branded as a ‘gyal clown’ after spending lavishly on his woman. Slick White appears as his counterpart, a man who refuses to treat his woman, instead ‘flossing’ his friends.

In the visuals, we see the man requesting sexual favors while still neglecting his woman financially. I-Octane, however, goes on to show exactly how a woman should be treated in the relationship.

“Only wutliss man want fk girl and don’t want spend money / girl fi get money naturally…hot girl nuh feed pan tough crackers” he deejays on the hook.

“Good p***y girl nuh fi suffer, girl fi get car, plus house, plus tax…can’t f**k yuh then send you home in a bus back.”

Prior to the release of the video, I-Octane sent social media buzzing after declaring that had something to reveal. According to the deejay, he set to exposed by one of his exes who recorded their bedroom activities.

“Is a girl mi used to chat to record it dawg, apparently mi nuh know what happen but she want three million dollar. ….nuff people ago bun mi out say mi a rasta..mi know unu ago beat mi bad because me always a speak certain things… but more while a man speak about certain things doesn’t mean he is doing certain things.”

However, it seems I-Octane’s ‘secret’ is not what many might have thought, and was simply a promotional publicity stunt. Instead, his big reveal is that he secretly loves to spend lavishly on women.

Since its release, the track has racked up over 146,000 views on YouTube and is #6 trending in the region.

Watch the music video below.