Ladies Sean Kingston is back on the market if any of y’all care.

The “Beautiful Girls” singer got dumped by his girlfriend Angela on Thursday night and sources are telling us why.

According to sources close to Kingston and his now ex-girlfriend, she called things off after finding out he was telling her a bag of lies throughout their relationship.

“The entire relationship was one big lie if you ask me,” the source said, “Someone linked her earlier this week and gave her some hard facts about Sean and how he was taking her for a fool… She never did aguh lef but when she asked him about it him still continue to lie in front her face..”

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Last night, Angela unfollowed the Jamaican pop star on Instagram and deleted all their photos together.

She also uploaded twenty-five posts calling out Kingston. The uploads which were screenshots from her notes included the words, “Weirdo”, “Liar”, “Scammer”, “Ungrateful”.

Angela also wrote, “Nobody likes you”, “You ruin everything”, “You’re a toxic person”, “I wish i never met you”, and “You’re damaged.”

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