Social media is buzzing with Drake and Mavado’s current beef.

The beef started after Canadian rapper threw shade towards Mavado in his latest single “Only You Freestyle”, using lyrics like. “Link Popskull in Gaza but not that Gaza but still it’s a mazza / N***as want piece like cassava but we let bridge dem burn like grabba”. This was seemingly a shot towards Mavado who is from Cassava Piece in Kingston, Jamaica.

However, it did not stop there, the Gully God took to Instagram. Under one of his post he wrote, “From you a look clout a copper to you mouth,”. Mavado would then release a diss track titled “Enemy Lines”.

Dancehall fans were first speculating that Drake and Mavado’s beef was due to the rapper’s USD $25,000 donation towards building a learning centre in Cassava Piece. Unfortunately things quickly took a turn for the worse when the Gully Gad failed to deliver on his end of the deal.

However in “Enemy Line”, Mavado revealed that Drake was carrying feelings over a woman, confirming an old rumour.

“Him still a carry feelings fi gyal a gi me foul play, Me tek a fuck and den me cut it neva,” Vado deejays.

As rumours have it, back when Drake and Mavado were friends, the Jamaican deejay moved on one of the females, which the rapper had brought to the island for the “Find Your Love” video shoot in 2010.