Gully Bop

Gully Bop has released a brand new music video for his “Wash Your Hands” single.

While many believed the title of Gully Bop’s new track could’ve been a hit for Jamaica’s The Ministry of Health & Wellness as COVID-19 safety measures include hand washing. Unfortunately, the song isn’t related to the pandemic.

In “Wash Your Hands”, the internet sensation-turned-recording artiste urges Dancehall fans to wash their hands before cooking, rolling his spliff or getting intimate.

“Yuh waan roll man spliff, gwaan go wash yuh hand/ And yuh just done p*ss, gwaan go wash yuh hand…/ Nastiness a nuh my style dat, waan cook food gimmie and fingernail black,” Gully Bop sings over the beat. “Bout you a hot gyal and yuh pot dem black/ House dutty-dutty full a roach and rat/ Pure cobweb deh inna yuh housetop/ You a gwaan like yuh hot true yuh b*tty look cock/ Cleanliness, wash yuh hand dem/Dutty yuh lifestyle, haffi condemn…“

Gully Bop, whose given name is Robert Malcolm, rose to fame through social media in late 2014 when a video of him free-styling went viral. Bop, who was at the time homeless in Grants Pen, St Andrew, became an overnight sensation.

“From The Gully To The Money,” as he always likes to say, Gully Bop cleaned up his image with the help of ex-fiancée and manager Shauna Chin and released songs like “Dem Nuh Bad Like” “We, Dream” and “Body Specialist.” He also graced the stages of Sting and Reggae Sumfest that same year.

Watch Gully Bops’ new music video “Wash Your Hands” below.