Govana in "Gyallis Class"

Govana has the No.2 trending video on YouTube with his latest offering, “Gyallis Class”.

The Strike Force deejay rolled out the highly anticipated visuals on November 15 and has since amassed 400,000 views.

Govana’s “Gyallis Class” is produced by Quantanium Records.

“Ah World Boom/ Some ah unuh bwoy fi stop call man name to di gyal dem / If yuh ah look di gyal look di gyal and stop call up badman name / And stop tell lie pan di gyal dem body parts
Some ah unuh need fi guh back ah class / Di streets ah talk Govi Govi / Strike Force,” Boom Boom says in the intro. The popular Dancehall selector also makes a cameo as the principal for the “Gyallis” institution.

“Gyallis class look learn and excel / Gyal tief graduate gyal clown get expel / Any bwoy yuh see love su su su su like girl / Ah bare lie pan gyal pussy dem tell / Man ah wah war ova woman and get him head shell / Now ah nodda man ah bruck inna dat like egg shell / Nah hear mi pree didi cause ah rachael/ Yuh mussi mad bwoy get dis inna yuh braincell,” Govana spits in the first verse.

“Gyallis Class” official music video is directed by RD Studios and features Jamaican comedian Deno Crazy who played “Chris” in Govana’s hit “HAMANTS Convo” earlier this year off his album H.A.M.A.N.T.S.