Govana via Instagram

Dancehall superstar Govana is sending a message to deadbeat dads worldwide.

On Saturday the “One And Move” deejay took to Instagram to post a photo of himself with his son. In the photo Govana, is seen pushing a stroller with his toddler, while dropping a few words of advice in the caption.

“My Gz take care a unu youths … doh follow crowd and breed up the ppl dem daughter and run when the responsibility kick een,” he warned.

He would continue saying, “then pon Father’s Day unu screenshot the pickney picture offa u baby mother status and post up bout “real father” hey bwoy yah guh dead bad 🙄”

The message seemed well received by fans as many took to social media to praise the star for speaking facts.

“Wukliss dem wukliss.. bless up d real one dem.. ❤️❤️❤️” one fan commented, while another added, “Tell them again.”

Despite the positive message, there was also a bit of humor involved as one fan questioned the deejay’s location.

“A nuh Jamaica that there’s no leave on the trees look like canada,” on fan speculated. The comment did not go unnoticed by the entertainer, who hilariously clapped back saying “ok Justin Trudeau.”

The rib splitting response had fans in tears, with many admitting the joke flew over their heads. “I was lost because I didn’t know who tf was Justin but after checking with google, I just feel bad now cause why me never know that?😭” one fan admitted.