Dancehall Artiste, Gold Gad defends the raunchy content he promotes on his Instagram Live.

The Recording artiste has transformed his IG account into a virtual exotic club which people are calling Gold Gad Hub.”Yuh affi work wid di time and weh di time a go. COVID forward and take over the whole place so weh else deh deh fi do? A party pan Instagram a run now so mi affi go straight to a virtual club,” he noted.

The ‘Client Convo’ singer does not have a schedule for when he goes live but when he does, he gets approximately over 250,000 viewers. He added that he is not afraid to add to Dancehall’s raunchy reputation. “Dancehall is slack and it’s beautiful. Me a add to it and mi glad mi a add to it because the girl dem like it and the man dem love it. It’s a beautiful thing mi nah go round it. Mi love the slackness, mi can’t deny it,” Gold Gad continued. “People love slackness. Is all about sex at the end of the day. Everybody glorify that more than anything else, more dan even life because man a dead over it, woman a dead over it.”

The artiste says that sex sells and he warded off critics saying that his live will expose children to explicit content. “If yuh have yuh pickney, yuh see when it reach 9 o’ clock, dem hours deh, unnu take weh dem phone. Mi can’t do nothing better. Me a run adult show so adult fi a watch it so unu watch unu pickney. Das all mi can say bout dat” he explained.

Gold Gad is not planning on moving his content to OnlyFans, he said “Mi nuh have no time fi dat. Mi look pan it (OnlyFans) honestly like a some desperate people a try fi ketch a likkle money. Mi just entertain people. Mi done a monetise mi music and dem (his followers) a support it and ting, so di money a forward in from dah angle deh,”. However the artiste is contemplating on opening an exotic club and maybe even producing a merchandise line.