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Foota Hype was feeling real petty on Friday after news started to circulate that his ex-fiancée/baby mother Dancehall artist Ishawna’s 2012 White C-Class Mercedes-Benz was seized on Thursday.

The Dancehall selector-turn-social media icon dropped a few bucks on Friday in Miami to rent a white Benz just to troll on ‘Equal Rights’ singer.

Ishawna Cursing In Audio Clip After Mercedes-Benz Seized Goes Viral

“Yeah, it’s Friday, fly-day,” Foota hype said in a video which shows him jumping out of the luxury vehicle.

While the producer didn’t mention Ishawna’s name it was very obvious he was taking shots at her.

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The infamous Mercedes-Benz was gifted to Ishawna back in August 2015 by her former boss Joe Bogdanovich of Downsound Records. It was seized in November 2015 as part of a court settlement in a matter involving DSR and producer AndrE ‘Rookie’ Tyrell however was later returned.