It seems Foota Hype may have bitten off more than he can chew after seemingly taking jabs at the 6ix Boss Squash and his crew.

Fans have ridiculed the controversial disc jock over what they have labeled as “cowardly backtracking” after he seemingly took a swipe at Squash and his 6ix crew with a video.

The veteran selector managed to stir up some controversy after he posted a video clip of the “Money Fever” deejay standing uncomfortably close to another member of the 6ix crew, Daddy 1 in a passage way.

The footage, which sees a large majority of the 6ix crew gathered in a small doorway, seemingly at an event. It goes on to show the entertainer stepping backward and accidentally colliding with another member of the crew, who was standing behind him in the area.

The video clip, was notably doctored and slowed down for emphasis, with totally unrelated clip of Popcaan laughing and then another insert of a man laughing blurting; “You a B***yman.”

Foota Hype would later delete the post, and soon after upload a clip of renown 6ix member Chronic Law performing in Guys Hill in St. Catherine.

“Big up Chronic Law fi dah speech yah no bow cat thing round here. u a di realest 6ix u a 90’s no e10,” Foota captioned the post.

“Meck mi see di yout dem inna Guys hill weh naw put no bumpa to dem b*mboclaat forehead. You know wi out here wid no fear enuh. Wi no know weh some people a promote yuh nuh. Ishawna big up yoself but mi a murdera,’ Chronic Law had said in the video.

However, it seems many fans found the irony in the situation and immediately called out the disc jock on his actions, claiming that he was simply implementing some damage control.

Many took to the self-proclaimed “Viral King’s” Instagram to ridicule him claiming that he had to quickly change his tune after being roughed up by the Montego Bay-based outfit.

“Lol, so weh di fuss video gone? Yuh nah demote no more, ya promote??? Datva 6ix?? Yuh confused bredda,” one fan wrote while another remarked “Foota, eh look like the 6ix dem gi uh a serious page, yahh fi tek dun d video wid no question.”

However, the disc jock says he is unconcerned with any backlash that may result from his post and contrary to popular belief he did not delete the clip due to any intimidation.