Foota Hype
Foota Hype

Foota Hype is calling out Reggae singer Jesse Royal who he claims is “promoting Santa Claus” in Digicel’s latest Christmas commercial.

The outspoken Dancehall selector had a few words for Jesse Royal in his latest Suhvyva Godcast titled “Me And Rasta Dem A War Again” uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Speaking on the “Modern Day Judas” singer playing the lead role in Digicel’s Shake to Win Christmas promotion, Foota Hype said it goes against the core principles of Rastafarianism.

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“Now tonight I am going to have one more enemy in di Rasta world…I am not afraid… Jesse Royal is about to become my new enemy. An mi naw hold back mi mouth,” Foota declared during the LIVE session.

“After dis, if him nuh waan be a big man and understand wha Foota Hype a seh, an feel like him waa guh inna ego and feelings, and hate Foota Hype and si mi an nuh hail mi, no problem,” he added.

“Digicel have a Christmas ad wid Santa Claus. Jesse Royal, weh you a do inna da ad deh? Jesse Royal, what are you doing in that ad my friend?” Foota Hype questioned.

“Weh yuh a duh inna dah ads deh rude bwoy? Weh di f**k yuh a duh inna dah ads deh? Weh yuh a duh inna dah ads deh bredda? When you a Rastafari, a nuh suh yuh guh to work! A nuh suh Rasta ting work!” Foota hollered.

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