Fanton Mojah has clapped back at Mutabaruka following criticism over his “Fire King” music video.

The “Hail The King” singer recently clapped back at the radio host in a viral clip that emerged on social media.

In the clip, Fanton Mojah can be heard blasting the popular radio host while accusing him of hypocrisy.

“Yuh know say is a elder weh we rate from morning” Fanton initially declares. He then lashed out saying, “Muta deh pon radio a seh lightning fi drop inna mi head when mi a perform, come on Muta… memba a beer white girl yuh f**k.”

The “Stronger” singer did not stop their as he suggested that the dub poet engaged in many unsavory activities. “Memba a Muta come pon radio a talk say him used to lock down with Cindy Breakspeare enuh.”

“Nuff a unnu rasta weh a talk unnu a some f**kin bowcat to enuh, unnu a nuh rasta unnu a dread,” he declared.

The drama did not stop there, as Fanton he also sent a stern warning to those planning to confront him. “And the bwoi dem weh mi hear say a plan fi rush mi, memba mi gang big!” he declared.

Over the weekend Mutabaruka called out the Reggae singer for his antics in his controversial music video.

“Have some artiste wa a try denigrate Bobo House and Rastafari wid dem wol heap a likkle frivolous videos ” Mutabaruka declared.

He further added, “me never it woulda reach de so, weh yuh have man wa wrap up dem head and go inna video wid naked woman a flaunt themself over him and him a flaunt himself ova dem.”