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Fans flocked to Kalado’s Instagram earlier this week following a cryptic post.

Several fans quickly reached out to Dancehall artist Kalado on Sunday encouraging him to “stay strong,” after the “Make Me Feel” deejay posted a photograph to Instagram with the caption “suicidal.”

Many fans grew concerned for the deejay, urging him to seek help before it was too late, a call most likely stemming from the artist’s own 2016 admission that he suffers from depression and once contemplated suicide.

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The post most likely raised a few eyebrows as it came chillingly close to the anniversary of another Dancehall artiste, Delus’ suicide which rocked the music fraternity on June 22, 2016.

However despite these concerns, Kalado has assured his fans that he is perfectly fine, and has moved beyond that phase which caused him to harbour those dark thoughts at that particular time.

According to the “Bruk Foreigner” deejay fans should not read too much into his social media activity, as he like many other people often post things they don’t mean in a literal sense.