Macka Diamond via Instagram

Fans have blasted Macka Diamond after new images seem to confirm that her ‘deliverance’ was a publicity stunt.

It seems fans’ suspicions were confirmed after Macka took to Instagram to post images of herself, tied to a cross. Along with photos the veteran deejay posted the caption, “Dem no stop crucify me just like Jesus dem a #wickedheart but a prayers me use and #setmefree”.

The controversial post comes just days after a video of her being anointed by New York pastor Leslie Morgan emerged on social media.

Following the release of the clip, the 49-year-old deejay was heavily criticized by fans calling it a publicity stunt.

Some fans went as far as accusing Macka of blasphemy, warning her ‘not to play with God’s name.’ However, Macka initially brushed off the criticism, insisting that the act was in fact sincere.

Since the release of the images, fans are now convinced that they from an upcoming music video. Many have flocked to social media voicing their criticisms for the veteran star’s creative choices.

“From me see this scrolling I said this too far very distasteful,” one fan complained, while another added, “Ok Macka that went a little bit 2 far.”

Another fan lamented, “Macka WTF is wrong with you? Don’t tell me how you’re getting rid of your haters and this and that. That right there is straight-up blasphemy.”

Some fans even went on to criticize the entire state of Dancehall currently, raising concerns about recent trends.

“Dancehall gone to the dogs trust mi! Pure mix up. Who do this and that. Who hate who … we need good music …cant take the bag of bickering everyday,” one fan declared.