Mavado and son Dante Brooks

Fans are now voicing their opinions after photos of Mavado’s son incarcerated son, Dante Brooks, appeared online.

Mavado’s 18-year-old son, Dante Brooks, is back in the headline after photos of him in prison emerged on social media.

The photos sees Brooks striking a series of poses with other prisoners, while seemingly chilling on the cell block.

According to some fans, the teenager looks far too comfortable behind bars considering his precarious situation. Some went on to claim that the teen seemingly does not wish to see the light of day.

However, there were those that also came to Brook’s defense, pointing out that this could simply be a coping mechanism. The argued that the harsh environment in prison forces inmates to form a tunnel vision.

Meanwhile, Mavado recently addressed his son’s incarceration in a new track “Not Perfect,” saying he will be “home soon.”

The track, which is produced by his friend Charles Williston of Sponge Music, sees the deejay being unusually open. He is heard in a reflective mood while declaring his willingness to defend himself and those he loves.

“Wish mi coulda tell yuh seh mi perfect but mi not, Many of my friends are her some not, I got a couple run ins with the cops,” he croons on the track.

However, the standout lines in the track are where the deejay sends a clear message to his embattled son. “People chat and nuh know things how it go, just know very soon that yuh coming home.”

Dante Brooks is charged jointly with 23-year-old Andre Hines for the June 5, 2018 murder of Lorenzo Thomas. Thomas was shot, chopped, and burned to death at his home in Cassava Piece, St Andrew.

Mavado’s son is also being accused of giving Hinds, an order to behead Thomas. A witness statement given to the police alleges that the juvenile gave the instruction, “Memba di boss want him head.”

Brooks has been in a juvenile detention facility in Kingston for over 2 years with multiple bail applications denied.