Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Fab 5 and 90s Dancehall star Flourgon are set to perform at the virtual inauguration party of United States Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris.

The Jamaican band and the veteran deejay are among the acts chosen from across the Caribbean region.

The virtual ceremony is organized by the Caribbean American Action Network (CAAN). It will celebrate the inauguration of Harris, whose father is of Jamaican descent.

In a recent interview, Fab 5 member Frankie Campbell expressed his honour representing Jamaica at the event.

“The group organizing the event reached out to us and we were absolutely delighted to be part of this celebration, after all Kamala Harris is one of us. We will be preparing a video and contributing it to the event. It is obviously a very good feeling to, first of all, be considered… to be asked to perform for the soon-to-be vice-president of the US is a big thing and we look forward to it,” said Campbell.

The virtual inauguration party is just days before the official swearing-in of US President-elect Joe Biden. It is being staged under the theme ‘Celebrating Caribbean American Kamala’.

Other Caribbean acts set to perform include; Barbados’ soca king Edwin Yearwood, Jamaican gospel singer Joan Meyers, Guyanese Menes De Griot and Shanto; Vincentian Frankie McIntosh as well as emerging acts Toni Norville, Kirk Brown, Janine Jkuhl, Owen Dalhouse, Maxie Gouevia, and Rashid Thorpe.

The event is set to be staged on January 17, 2021.