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Etana slammed a Reggae fan on Sunday for criticising her while she was at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

The “Wrong Address” singer rocked a cute pink outfit created by a Jamaican designer, however a few social media users weren’t here for it.

“Remember the days when Etana was the conscious one???,” a Reggae fan wrote on Twitter. The tweet got the attention of Etana who instantly went off, “A wah now, who the f**k are you to decide whether i’m conscious or not. I’m on the red carpet where the f**k you at?!,” she questioned.

The user responded that he was “comfortable in my bed,” to which Etana replied, “You poor little cockroach.”

Etana’s support for US President Donald Trump was brought into the mix, “You no conscious, from you mek dem Trump statements deh.”

However Etana had clap blacks for days, “Do what the fux U want…. don’t you stop text me dog sh*t! Crawl back in your hole and gtf off my timeline.”

“Me see people do much more and unuh still a crawl inna dem batty hole.. Lowe me dog sh*t!.”

View Etana’s Twitter heated exchange below.