Elephant Man

Elephant man has gone viral online after falling on stage while dancing with a female.

The Dancehall entertainer was scheduled to perform among the likes of Kemar Highcon, Beenie Man, Dre Island, Christopher Martin, Tessanne Chin, Wayne Marshall, Kevin Downswell, Kukudoo, Chevaughn, Ikaya, Shereita, and Richie Stephens at the Independence Spectacular to celebrate Jamaica’s 58th.

During his performance, Elephant Man took an embarrassing fall after a female jumped onto him while preparing to perform his 2003 hit single “Stop Hitch.”

As soon as Energy Gad fell he immediately joked while on the floor, “Babsy Grange this is wicked!” he said laughing. “Ladies I’m Energy Gad, the stage was slippery,” he explained, claiming this was his reason for falling was due to sweat.

Elephant Man later shared the video on his Instagram before hyping himself up. “A swear when it come to entering [entertainment] elephant man you the best,” he wrote. “She no drop me that’s entertainment and you rocking with the best me give my fans the best when you come to a elephant man show this is what you get moneys worth fun joy dancing jumping an bear madness it was fun last night glad I made you all happy Jamaica independent day show was [pure fire] a swear.”

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