Dancehall artiste Elephant Man has been charged with breaching the Immigration Act.

On Monday Elephant Man was charged after cops visited his home to serve him a summons. The deejay is set to appear in court on April 15.

The deejay found himself in hot water with the law for failing to detail his full travel history. It is alleged that Ele failed to indicate that he had recently traveled to Germany, which is on the island’s travel restrictions.

On Thursday, Elephant Man issued a video apology for the “misunderstanding” at the airport. He would go on to blame his error on fatigue saying “Sorry fi dat, drop asleep, yuh done know.”

The fine for the offense currently stands at $100. However, Elephant Man may be more concerned about acquiring a criminal record. If convicted it possibly affect his ability to travel to certain countries in the future.

Health authorities are set to make a decision on whether to place the Dancehall artiste in quarantine.