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Social media sensation-turn-Recording artist Dydy is opening up on a very serious issue, child molestation, in order to raise awareness about the importance of communication when it comes to cases of sexual assault.

The ‘2 Can’ singer took to her Instagram account recently to blast society for blaming the victims in most cases. “I really hate when girls who’ve been molested finally speak out and people respond with “oh so why now?,” she wrote in a lengthly post. “You don’t know what those girls are going through! what their molester is using against them!,” she added.

Dydy then shared her own experience saying it started at the tender age of 6-years-old and it took her over 9 years to speak out.

Bad Gyal Dydy Attacked & Injured In New York

“I was 6 years old when it happen to me and it went on until I was 9! And I never spoke about it until I was 15! I was threatened that if I said anything no one would believe me or he would kill me!,” she wrote.

Her heartfelt post has since prompted many social media users to share their own experiences.

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