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Jamaicans on social media are upset after a recent google search revealed that Drake is being used as the face of Dancehall on Wikipedia.

While the online encyclopedia seemingly had the correct definition for the genre –  Jamaican popular music that originated in the late 1970s –  Dancehall fans were outranged that they used the Canadian rapper’s photo.

Drizzy, who is close friends with popular entertainer Popcaan, recently secured two massive Dancehall singles under his belt “Controlla” and “Work” with Bajan pop star Rihanna, however Jamaicans don’t believe his images should be used to represent the genre.

Dancehall music went mainstream last year which saw a slew of international recording artists dropping Jamaican-influenced tracks. Hot 97 radio presenter Ebro also made rounds recently when he claimed that British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran and Drake were “bringing Dancehall back”.