Dovey Magnum via Instagram

Dovey Magnum has called out her fans for not streaming her music enough during an emotional rant.

The Dancehall star was in tears as she took to Instagram Live yesterday expressing disappointment over her low streaming figures on YouTube.

“When I look at my numbers on my Vevo and what’s going on…I’m like, ‘What the f–k?’,” she said. “If I was supposed to really feed or pay my bills from f–king YouTube and Vevo I would have been broke, I couldn’t live. Mi have tears inna my eye because I put work in. I have more than one song that’s very good song. When I get a chance to perform I perform my ass off. A nuh just suck h–d song mi have. Mi have other songs. Why? What is the problem?”

The female lyricist would then go on to call on fans to support her music more on streaming services.

“Give me some more support with my streaming; I’m on Spotify, I’m on Audiomack, I’m on iTunes, I’m on YouTube. I don’t know why my Vevo views are like that even when my songs are f–king solid… So if anybody know how can I get my Vevo views up…mek mi know.”

During the emotional Live, Magnum spoke about her music journey and the hardships she had to endure. She also questioned how evidently subpar music was getting attention over some of her quality music.

“Yuh have some disgusting bloodcl–t song weh nuh sound good…some terrible bloodcl–t song to the ears and dem a trend all f–king way, dem this and that, dem a number one, so mi know there is something,” she said. “Unno cya fool me, and mi nuh fraid a nuh b-tch… It’s been going like this for years and mi lowe it, but mi analyse it. When certain people drop a certain song it gone certain place and you a wonder, ‘What the f–k, it is total garbage’… and yuh have some real bloodcl–t song, different song weh sound so good, way better than that and dem a struggle. So it nuh haffi be something weh dem a do?”

Dovey Magnum has maintained a decent presence on Instagram with over 328,000 followers but only has 48,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Dovey’s most recent track, “Respectfully” has struggled to connect with fans, gaining just 21,000 views in three weeks. Several of her previous tracks have mustered even lower figures in recent months.

To date, Dovey Magnum’s most commercially successful track has been “Bawl Out,” which has 1.8 million views.