D'Angel via Instagram

D’Angel has blasted critics and social media bloggers for ‘twisting her story’ in a angry online rant.

The “Stronger” deejay in a fiery mood on Wednesday as she took to Instagram to post a expletive-laden rant.

“Mi never know my mouth lock and mi cyaa talk and mi cyaa talk my life as a mother and wha mi a bl**dcl**t thru,” she ranted. “How me get drag in between tha supn here eee? Mi know unnu did ago try find a way fi drag mi inna tha supn here,” she continued.

In the clip, the visibly upset star blasted bloggers who questioned the timing of her single mother rant.

On Monday D’Angel sent tongues wagging after posted a video complaining about the struggles single mothers face. “Dem man ya nuh ready, dem not even know how a pants or a shirt or a shoes or a socks buy muchless school fee pay,” she lamented.

The post led many to question if she was suggesting Beenie Man was neglecting his fatherly duties. “So beenie nah mine Marco???? Cause me haffi ask base on wa she a seh….,” one fan questioned.

However, what sparked controversy was the timing of D’Angel’s rant. Some fans claim she was very deliberate by shading her ex just hours after he announced a breakup with longtime partner Krystal Tomlinson.

The move attracted massive backlash from fans with many questioning the timing of the move.

“D angel eva wah piece a di action 😭 guh find a “hit” song mam😭,” one fan mercilessly trolled.

However, D’Angel promptly hit back at the criticism, claiming she only spoke her truth. “Don’t twist mi story, mi nuh response fi nobody and dem relationship or dem relation-boat,” she declared”

“When mi a go truu my problem and my situation me go truu that by my self!,” she continued.

“Mi a talk my truth and unnu ago say how me a try get involved and it nuh look good, unnu bl**dcl**t look good?”

The post managed to muster mixed reactions with some fans supporting her while others remained critical.

“I understand where u are coming from angie but stop mek dem draw yuh out fi get suh vuglar,” one fan commented.

However, there were still many who remained skeptical of the deejay’s intentions. “No dangel you forced yourself in this situation, why we never know about this years ago why we never hear u talk about this every single year at marco dean birthday parties , Why now Why,” another fan questioned.