Dexta Daps
Dexta Daps

Dexta Daps is claiming that a female fan snuck into his hotel room in Guyana while he was asleep and recorded herself in his bed.

The Dancehall entertainer made the announcement following a viral video which emerged on social media last week.

According to Dexta Daps, he has no idea how the female fan actually got there and made it clear that he never had any kind of sexual interaction with her.

Speaking with on Instagram live Dexta Daps said, “Me affi bun out da girl deh, dat girl is a problem, me wake up to a video dis morning, me actually inna di bed and gyal a take one video a me.”

Daps continued, “Me get a wicked set-up, mi nuh know how it happen, me still a try figure it out. Me still nuh know how she end up deh suh at that time. Yuh see however she get inna di room, somebody please figure it out and please prevent dem things yah from happening to the artiste dem,” he added.

Following the release of the footage Dancehall fans have taken to social media speculating whether he is being completely honest.