The Tropixs (Kingston, Jamaica) – Devin Di Dakta is not here for the lyrical feud between Alkaline and Squash.

The former Magnum Kings & Queens champion took Instagram on Friday to blast the two Dancehall superstars while premiering his new single “When I’m Gone.”

“Big Stinking Nyamkaline @manhimselff and Dutty Trash @squash6iixboss unu cum off a di internet wid unu Puppy ramping and mek ppl go listen mi new song weh just drop.. kmft,” the deejay blasted.

The deejay’s comments seem to have struck some controversy among fans as many took to social media criticizing him over the caption.

“You too nuff! Post u song with a positive message and don’t try to be an antagonist ! You career will fade even faster than how it build,” one fan warned, while another commented “Wonder if uh righted Inna uh head 😳😒”

Despite the backlash from some fans several others came to the deejay’s defense while offering him some advice.

“Yaa work fi a Grammy bro though ,Bush product…….. But wrong caption,” one fan said, while another commended him on the track saying “Love the song love the video 🔥”

The song, which is produced by Dale Dizzle Virgo, sees the Dancehall artiste showcase an interesting style and flow reminding fans of his lyrical prowess.

In the track, the deejay addresses the tagline of being an “underrated” artiste, while wittingly urging fans to appreciate his music before he is gone.

Since his breakout, Devin Di Dakta emerged as one of the most promising young talents in the genre but recently faded from the forefront following a brief hiatus.

The deejay’s new single is one only a few releases from the entertainer this year, following a successful 2018 which saw him score Grammy nomination for his joint project with legendary producers Sly & Robbie titled “‘Sly & Robbie Presents.