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Jamaican songstress and TV host Denyque will be vying for the crown of Miss Universe Jamaica 2016.

The ‘What About Love’ singer made the announcement to her ‘Heroes’ on Saturday during a lengthly and heartfelt Instagram post to her over 143k followers.

Naturally, I wanted to be the first to tell you guys about the next stage in my journey.

I finally built up enough courage to enter a pageant. I’ve always looked up to these women who boasted such grace and confidence and body! Lawdamercy!,” She said in the post.

The singer went on to say, “They say confession is good for the soul so here goes; I’m a little socially awkward. I’ve heard that I think I’m better than people, I absolutely do not. I do have flaws, I’m Human! But not those flaws I’m being accused of. There are days I don’t want to talk to anyone, not even my mom, and it’s not because I’m not nice – I just need some personal space. There are people I’m not nice to or have cut off, but best believe they earned that. I don’t wish bad pon nobody! I believe in Karma though 🌳 – And really guys, sometimes I’m just not sure if people will remember me, or even like me, or if they’ll think I’m being nuff if I smile and say hi. Those are a couple of insecurities that I have, and trust me there’s a list 😢. I don’t have it all together all the time & without God, Love, Family, Friends, Support, YOU My Heroes and the will & drive to constantly do and be better I wouldn’t have been anywhere near the woman I am today. All I want to do in life is inspire others to be the best they can be and have fun, follow my heart, soul and passion while doing that. I want to change lives.”

She then finally broke the news by saying, “Ok this is way too long now 🙄 – just wanted to let my heroes know that today I became a finalist in the Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 competition and I cannot wait to get fully engaged in this journey with you.

Love you guys. Mean it. K bye. 💋.”

The Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 final casting was held on Saturday, 20 ladies were selected. The reigning Miss Universe Jamaica is Sharlene Rädlein.