Demarco via Instagram

Demarco says one of his biggest hits “I Love My Life” was actually a diss song aimed at his ex-wife and her mom.

The track remains one of Demarco’s biggest commercial hits due to its positive tone but the deejay says that wasn’t the intent. Instead, he claims he was actually taking jabs at his ex-wife and her mother.

“A trace mi did a trace,” Demarco explained. He made the revelation during a recent online interview with Wizology Show on Instagram.

“My ex-wife supposed to have baby pon my birthday, mi son weh name River, dem time deh mi live inna Atlanta, 2010. The day before my birthday mi and har kick off and she left the house, mi cya find har, she gone a har mada… Mi gone a har mada house, she a seh she don’t know where she is… Mi stress out, mi cya find har, mi a drive up and down everywhere, rain a fall, bag a tings.”

Demarco says the lyrics came to him on his birthday while he was going through a lot emotionally.

“If you listen to the verse, ‘make a change, don’t mek nobody stress you, don’t mek no blood pressure mek your life lef’ you. Never you hurt a soul unless you haffi defend yourself if dem try test you. Thank God fi mi life, yes. Me wake up this morning and alive, yes. Mek dem gwaan judge, nobody nuh perfect, and Father God alone bring brightness. If you nuh like wah mi say, go find the Lord. Me nuh have no time fi the war, cause times so hard.

Dem nah mad me, me nah go no psycho ward, or go join the morgue’…

“Mi siddung and create the rhythm pon mi birthday and mi a seh, ‘You know wah, mi stress out but a mi birthday, mi love my life’…and me sing out mi stress, a trace mi a trace. Mi see people a bawl when I Love My Life a play, and yuh know seh a cuss me a cuss out people? It’s like di woman (ex-wife) just hold out and seh, ‘Eee, him nah born today, tomorrow enuh’ and hold out and mi son born the next day, him nuh born pon my birthday… Mi a seh, ‘Yow unno wicked’.”

The deejay also went on to disclose other interesting facts about some of his biggest hits including “Good Book.” According to the deejay, he actually recorded that track while he was drunk.