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D’Angel is demanding that fans give her the same recognition as Koffee for putting out good quality music.

The “No Worries” deejay took to Instagram over the weekend to vent her annoyance at fans for not giving her the recognition she deserves for releasing ‘good clean’ music over the years.

D’Angel believes she is ranked next to Koffee when it comes to releasing ‘good clean’ music, and has actually been doing this for over a decade.

During the Instagram Live session, she blasted industry players for not showing her the respect she deserves, claiming that they unfairly declared Koffee the only female artiste putting out good quality, uplifting music.

“I beg to differ, I love Koffee, I love her music, I love what she is doing but i’ve been doing clean music for over a decade now, I’ve been doing inspirational music for over a decade now!” She said.

D’Angel’s rant has since sparked criticism from some fans on social media, with many claiming that the deejay is somehow bitter towards Koffee’s success.

“Somebody needs to log her out of social media. She slowly going crazy and I am tired…..tired of she and this foolishness,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “And first off KOFFEE NUH INNA MIX UP!!! SO HAR WHOLE LIFEEEE CLEAN!!!!.”

However, it was not all negative comments, as some fans did come to the entertainer’s support, with one fan saying “There is no woman empowerment whatsoever in these comments. You lot just love to hate DAngel it’s actually scary.”

In the past year Koffee has emerged as on of the biggest breakout talents in Jamaica, with her music receiving worldwide international praise. Her breakout track “Toast,” was also recently featured on former US President Barack Obama’s summer 19 playlist.