D'Angel via Instagram

Dancehall’s ‘First Lady’ D’Angel is penning a tell-all autobiography to be released later this year.

The female Dancehall star broke the news during a recent interview with radio personality Barbie.

“I want to have a keepsake that people can learn from, people can have for generations and generations to come so that’s how I want my story to be shared,” she said. “Up to now I have not shared my story so everything is bottled up inside of me, I just don’t talk.”

In an era where more celebrities are turning to social media to share stories, D’Angel says a book is more fitting.

“Me waan share my own inna one book, dem haffi pay me for my story, my story nuh normal,” she said. “My story cannot be free, if that was the case mi woulda dash it out longtime, it woulda be cheap and free and available. My story is my life so mi cya mek dat just go suh cause a lot of women going through a lot of things and my book is going to be a healing for them so this is this best way to do it.

During the mid-2000’s D’Angel, real name Michelle Downer, was the center of one of the biggest controversies in Dancehall. This took place after she married and had a child with Beenie Man after years of dating bitter rival Bounty Killer.

The Dancehall diva has also been involved in several other notable headlines including her infamous beef with Spice and joining OnlyFans. According to her, she has a lot to share about these spicy situations and more.

“Everything yuh can think of inna di world, most things, I’ve been through it, that’s why mi can counsel and talk on it,” she said. “I got stabbed in the back recently and I never talk about it because at the end of the day some things a waste a time so mi just regroup. When you try build people and build a team and bring people around your space they just want to suck what you have and then when God remove them from yuh space dem waan bring yuh down… I ignore a lot of things, I don’t deal with petty argument and petty battle because mi have my God a deal with my battle.”

In the meantime, D’Angel says she is also working on her debut EP Exposed, which will address the recent trials. She says fans can be excited as the project will feature some of her best material to date.

“The album is gonna be different, all dem song deh, Stronger, Breakfree, Survivor. I think I want to do a compilation of the best of D’Angel. There’s so much talent in me and my album will speak volumes.”