D’Angel’s attorney request for all unapproved persons delete her OnlyFans photos have been denied by the culprits.

Earlier this month, the Lady of Dancehall announced that she retained attorney-at-law Christopher Townsend to pursue a lawsuit in relations to the breach of her OnlyFans account after several nude and semi-nude photos of her has been released.

The photos which were for her Subscribers only account, were stolen and published on multiple social media platforms. This is a breach of the acceptable use policy of the OnlyFans platform. It is also a violation of the Cybercrimes Act, explained by Townsend.

The attorney-at-law added that perpetrators are subject to civil and criminal liability. Third-party transmitters of D’Angel’s ‘copyrighted images’, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are being investigated and may be held liable.

Unfortunately, photos of D’Angel are still being released online and the operators of the social media handles are even mocking the “Stronger” singer.

“Your lawyer don’t understand the laws. Only Fans can sue for those pictures. You can’t sue nobody,” one of the offenders told D’Angel.

“We have every single piece of content from D” Angel’s Fan Only. You and D’Angel and her legal team come sue us. When we told our lawyer, they issued a cease and desist in the Jamaica Star and Observer, he laughed till he almost cried. He said that was just a promotional stunt to grow her subscriber base because even the most novice lawyers know that’s not how you issue cease and desist. Do you know,” they continued.