Dancehall singer D’Angel teamed up with Honeybun and entered communities donating goodies to children over the weekend.

The donation was made in partnership with one of Jamaica’s fastest growing wholesale bakery, Honeybun. D’Angel shared a video via her Instagram account saying, “Spread a Little Love. Feeding the children and old people is our priority. The drive continues of spreading love and giving back. I’ll be back on the road spreading more love . It might be your community next! Just be on the look out.”

“I have some stuff for you guys from Honeybun, these are snacks and pastries.” the First lady of Dancehall told children. After that they enter a room where the children got seated and D’Angel began sharing the goodies, “Christmas comes a little early because we are giving back constantly from Angel’s Foundation,” she said.

The children expressed their appreciation to Honeybun and her foundation.

“That’s what we do here at Angel’s Foundation, we continue to give back especially to children and old people because that’s what I started out doing but since the whole covid we have extended not just for just children and older people, we are actually giving back to everybody…we continue to spread love and give back because people want food everyday. That’s what I do, give back, spread love.” The Exposed singer said.

The singer also used the opportunity to request for additional sponsors to assist her in spreading the love.