D’Angel and Pamputtae have both thrown their support behind under-fire Reggae artist Fanton Mojah.

Fanton Mojah recently sparked controversy following the release of his sexually suggestive track “Fire King.” The Reggae singer was blasted after many argued his message was not in-keeping with Rastafarian principles.

One of Fanton’s chief critics has been popular radio host Mutabaruka, who blasted the singer for the track. However, it seems at least some of the Dancehall community is coming to the singer’s defense.

Despite the controversy, D’Angel and Pamputtae have firmly thrown their support behind the singer. The two voiced their opinion in a recent post on Instagram while promoting the “Pink Riddim” project.

“Me back Fantan Mojah,” Pamputtae declared. “Anything wid di woman dem Fantan do yuh bloodcl**t ting… All di time yuh deh deh dem nah pay yuh mind. As yuh come out wid pure girl is a problem… Dem catch on to slackness more than anything else… When yuh sing righteous song dem nah rail fi yuh but yuh come out now wid a song wid bare hot gal and it’s a problem…Leave di man alone.”

D’Angel also chimed in on the matter, declaring her support for the “Hail The King” star.

“Me back Fantan…a gal yuh come out wid, a nuh man yuh come wid. From a woman yuh come out wid Fantan nuh worries inna it… Lowe Fantan alone, a dat mi seh,” she declared.

Fanton Mojah has since reacted by resharing the post while adding, “Fire King! Thank you ladies.”