D’Angel is being trolled by Dancehall fans for allegedly copying her rival Spice ahead of her new music video release.

Spice dropped her highly anticipated “Mine Mine Mine” music video on Wednesday after taunting fans with a shirtless man who many believed was her new boyfriend.

Moments after the “Romantic Mood” deejay released the flirty visuals starring model Patrick Blackwood, D’Angel uploaded a photo with a similar concept from her upcoming “Mind Yuh Business” music video.

Dancehall fans instantly had a field day with the First Lady of Dancehall accusing her of stealing Spice’s style.

“So she really claim she hate Spice and a follow everything she do?,” one fan questioned. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. #FollowFashion,” another wrote.

“This sh*t is getting ridiculous she couldn’t make Spice have her 24 hours… Jeeezz!!!.”

“Feeding off other people energy shows no talent you just want to be seen don’t it,” another added.

Check out D’Angel’s photo and more comments below.