Veteran Dancehall/Reggae entertainer Bushman has sought to address the ongoing beef with Beenie Man and the 6ix.

The Doc has been going back and forth with Chronic Law and Squash after they snubbed his Summer Sizzle event last weekend.

Following their no-show, Chronic Law made it clear it wasn’t an official booking as Beenie Man failed to make a deposit. It seems that comment got Bushman upset as he quickly entered the debate by uploading a video on Instagram.

“Right now mi deh a UK inna one likkle bunk bed yah, an mi a see dis ting yah wid Beenie Man and 6ix dem and dem ting yah. Yow, a weh dem yute yah really a deal wid My Lord eeh? A no so we live as artiste My Lord,” Bushman said in the clip. “Yo just keep you show and wi come support dat and we keep our show and you come support dat. A so wi know d ting run. Mi keep mi ting; Beenie Man come sing. Beenie Man keep him ting; mi go sing. Cocoa Tea keep him ting; mi go sing. Prophet keep him ting wi go sing; if Prophet a gi wi a ting; Prophet g iwi a ting. Wi keep back wi ting; Prophet jus come sing.”

“So some man feel like dem naw go keep a ting, or dem naw go reach one part inna di business weh dem a go want keep something fi mek a money. Yow, oonu wise wid wha oonu a do enuh, caw oou likkle new yutes fi understand oonuself inna dis enuh,” he continued.

Watch Below.