Chronic Law

Chronic Law is the latest victim to social media hacking.

The Dancehall star’s Instagram account, email and Youtube pages were recently compromised. Chronic Law now joins the list that includes Bounty Killer, Renee 6:30, Shauna Controlla and many more local celebs who recently got hacked.

According to the Law Boss, the culprits are now attempting to extort him for US$10,000 to regain control of the pages. 

“Last night, mi forward in and realize say dem hack mi email, and ah say mi fi pay dem $10,000 US fi get it back and then now dem a remove mi video dem one by one from YouTube, dem all a send mi video as dem a delete it. De man dem a try mash up mi career,” Chronic Law told Loop News.

“Dem a remove the songs dem with the most views too, like Hilltop, Government and Circumstances from YouTube. Jah know,” he continued.