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Spice is still not over the viral diss from US TV personality Kendall Kyndall dissing her recent Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cameo.

Last week Kyndall shared a clip taking jabs at the ‘Needle Eye’ deejay’s iconic blue hair and her eyebrows, “Who the f**k is this?” he questioned. “She [Spice] done ‘smurfed’ the f**k outta her virgin hair depo….. what the f**k is going on? And her name is Spice? Girl! with that color you should’ve taught twice,” he added while laughing.

“But blue though? It’s a nap for me,” he continued. Kyndall then started to discuss Spice’s eyebrows saying they were whack, “Lord its a nap,” he said.

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Spice has since taken on the ‘Smurf’ moniker, on Monday she uploaded a photo decked in Gucci saying, “Gucci lover? the Smurf out here looking like a million bucks ?.”

This is the second time the ‘Queen of Stage’ has addressed the viral video. After blasting her haters last week who reposted the video, “You do good, they gonna talk, you do bad,” she wrote. “They still gonna talk so F**k it, do what you wanna do anyway just do it your way. I’m laughing cause I’m still winning #F**KHATERS @iamkarlieredd @mimifaust #dancehall #Jamaica ?????? #lhhatl.”