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Konshens has sought to address reports that the Jamaican Government has launched investigations into Alkaline, Vybz Kartel & Masicka.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is currently investigating the Dancehall artists ‘AfterAll’ and ‘Infrared’ music videos. According to reports, Commissioner of Police, George Quallo told detectives to find and question the persons wearing police uniforms in the Vendetta deejay’s Jay Will-directed visuals, they are also investigating the origin of the marked police vehicle in the music video.

While the Firearms Licensing Authority (FLA) are probing the armored truck, guns and bullets used in the ‘Hard Ball’ deejay’s video.

On Monday, Konshens took to his Instagram and had this to say;

“Ye man a real ting. Let us stop using “ACTING” in our videos that include guns or violence ok. Because everybody knows singers djz and rappers are the cause of violence on earth right. Violent or sexual videos dont show on TV AT ALL!! you have to go to youtube or vevo and SEARCH for it (my daughter and son live on youtube btw and none of these videos dont randomly pop up in there feed).”

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“Ye so ban the violence in videos??. HOWEVER dont stop there go turn on u tv,anyone that has local networks or CABLE or any cinema in the COUNTRY. SEEMS ITS ONLY A MESS and violent ACTING when a di likkle ute dem from roun desso a do it.”

“MOVIE STARS on ur tv is all good tho, its just a movie. So a real ting, ban,investigate,LOUD IT UP because a artiste. ??. Quite a few ppl saw my acting in the beginning of bruk off video and considering me for roles now. If i get one we’ll see if it look more acceptable in a movie or is it still tricky because im an artiste in a movie?. This might not look like a big deal to you but seriously ask yourself if this was FRONT PAGE NEWS!! Artiste jus protect unnu self yah man an be careful. It wicked out yah.,” he added.