The Dancehall troll responsible for photoshopping a Shenseea tweet has stepped forward.

The Romeich Entertainment singay went viral earlier this week after a screenshot of a tweet directed to longtime rival Jada Kingdom surfaced online.

The screenshot appeared on our timeline just hours after Kingdom chimed in on the Shenseea’s alleged altercation with her former best friend last weekend.

“@JadaKingdom yuh nah tell dem bout the time when yuh sleep wid me man,” it read. However turns out the tweet was all a fake and Shenseea was furious at the Dancehall trolls.

“Hey unu don’t f**king photoshop nothing with unu weak ass self,” the “ShenYeng Anthem” singer wrote. “If a so tweet easy fi photoshop might as well me come afa dis!.”

“My real supporters wudda know seh me wudda never page gyal ova nuh man,” she continued. Shenseea also shared her frustration with constantly being a target by Jamaicans, “Its so annoying that me keep myself out of sh*t and these damn JAMAICANS yes! Me own kind nuh stop f**king try tear me down.”

The mastermind behind the viral tweet has since issued an apology. “So i made a photoshop of Shenseea throwing shades at Jada Kingdom on Twitter [and] never knew it would a reach so far,” the troll wrote via IG story. “Sigh i am sorry just did a do it for fun @Shenseea.”


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#Shenseea fake tweet culprit issues apology, says he “just did a do it for fun” ??

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