Dancehall Deejay Squash is unfazed by the recent death threats against his life.

Earlier this week, three youngsters uploaded a video accusing the Montego Bay-based deejay of pirating the ‘6ix’ slang. In the viral clip, they promised to put an end to the artiste’s life.

“Aye bwoy, weh a call yourself 6ix, a we a di real 6ix, a we run G-City. Man a go come murder yuh, enuh dawg,” one of the youngsters had said in the video before they demanded one million dollars cash from the “Lavish” deejay.

A seemingly unbothered 6ix Boss uploaded a photo on Instagram with his son, responding to the video. “See who me pay mind to yah my little ones,” he wrote. “So all a who a look attention from ova yah so unu nah go get none so wen some a unu opportunist a call call up me name me nah look pah unu ? afta unu a nuh me kids or me gal dem ??

Squash with his son

The youngsters later backtracked and issued an apology claiming it was just a prank. “Yow, Squash, weh yuh deh pon?'” They said in the second video. “We deh yah man, yaa we general same way. We a di youth dem weh did put up di video. We nuh mean nutten, we general, yuh zimmi. Fi yuh songs a dem we listen to every day, every time, every minute.”


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Squash di likkle juvenile dem apologize?? , nuh bother pree dem . Done know Weh yuh capable of already @squash6iixboss

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