Dancehall entertainer Razor had a few things to get off his chest recently.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram account, the “Bruk Back” singer warned Dancehall fans to be safe citing that having multiple sex partners is ‘totally wrong.’

Razor B also continued by defending his nose ring amidst artistes like I-Octane bashing Konshens for the controversial piercing. “It’s also wrong for a next man to watch a next man but for some strange reason…,” he worte.

“All you (heterosexual) /suppose to be straight men who is licking out on gays and man wearing nose ring is watching everything a next man do, so what that really make you guys? I already realize that social media and the things that people pay attention to is very negative so I am in my own lane minding my own business…them have it fi is Bruk ppl sit dung pon social media…suh me gone make ?,” he continued.

Watch video below.

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